Stack: sPress

Our sPress series is available in 3 different models, for narrow (sPress5) , medium (sPress7) or large printing width (sPress10). The 7 and 10 series can be equipped, as optional on request, by different levels of direct drives electronically synchronised granting colour to colour higher accuracy of registration and faster initial setting.

sPress 5sPress 7sPress 10
Number of colours1-2-4-61-2-4-6-81-2-4-6-8
TransmissionBeltsBevel gear drivesBevel gear drives
Print width600-1400mm1000-1600mm1200-2000mm
Repeats300-1200 mm300-1200 mm400-1500 mm
Maximum speed150m/min180m/min200m/min
Register length+/- 7 mm360°360°

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