Viscosity Controls

Viscosity control systems are the ideal instruments to control the printing process and allow production performance measurement. A study conducted on site by our technical department observed a reduction in ink consumption of over 20% for solvent-based inks and over 10% for water-based inks. Furthermore, the viscosity control system allows to keep an optimal repeatability of the printing quality and simplifies the whole work process.

The SELEVISCO 9000 viscosity control system can be integrated into flexographic and rotogravure printing machines, coating and laminating machines, gluing machines and many other special applications. The absence of moving elements eliminates the necessity of frequent maintenance. Furthermore, SELEVISCO can be integrated with a system of automatic washing cycles, guaranteeing efficiency and functionality for extremely long periods of time without any special arrangement.

Our SELEVISCO 9000 will ensure you an extreme precision thanks to its outstanding reading tolerance and its in-line installation. The system does not require daily calibration, is well correlated to the FORD-4 measuring cup for a long time and is insensitive to machine vibrations.

SELEVISCO series 9000 control panel and capsules are both ATEX certified.

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