Dual-shaft slitter rewinders

Dual – Shaft Slitter Rewinder EMS 610

The slitter rewinder EMS 610/S has been projected as a Multi-Purpose Slitter and it is proposed as a “low cost” solution for users who still wish to focus on all technical Temac expertise and quality, maintaining the key features of our production’s output in terms of reliability and ability to work various types of material from plastic, laminates, paper to aluminium foils.

Dual – Shaft Slitter Rewinder TSW 801

The new TSW series combines technology and mechanical excellence to match the best of adaptability and work satisfaction. These machines are capable to work a wide range of plastic films, laminated coextruded films, paper and aluminum foil. Simplicity and friendly use are a guarantee of high standards in all phases of work. At the customer’s request we can supply it with an independent unwinding group.

Dual – Shaft Slitter Rewinder TMS 840

The Mini-slitter rewinder TMS 840 is used to work materials such as plastic films, paper and laminates in order to obtain thin films and narrow webs. Equipped with asynchronous A.C. motors, has a working speed of 500 mt /min’. A splice table, the one-way pivoting web guide and a slitting group managed by electro-pneumatic system are the main features that qualify it as a “tailor made” machine, particularly appreciated in the label sector.

Slitters with top web passage SRP series

The new SRP series is proposed as “TOTAL GREEN” slitter rewinder thanks to an innovative electro-mechanical system for mother roll lifting. It fully belongs to the” Ecosystemac philosophy” because it has been projected as “TOTAL OIL FREE” machine, synonymous with high environmental compatibility and energy saving. Equipped with an independent vertical Shaftless unwinding group connected to the machine with top web path, SRP works optimally materials such as paper, aluminium, plastic films and laminates.

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